CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION May 23 2016– SUNSHINE LANDSCAPING COMPANY by Stephen Crowe Have you heard about the new materials, plants and techniques for managing your landscape?  What needs to be done to properly maintain your landscaping features from the stress of winter weather, summer heat and drought or insect pests? How does your landscaping enhance the value and curb appeal of your property? Invasive, Climate Change, the new normal, sustainable practices or drainage issues all offer confusing challenges when designing a comfortable living area in your yard.  That is why services delivered by Sunshine Landscaping Company, Inc offer creative, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to your lawn care and landscaping problems. заявление ребенка на лишение родительских прав Steve is a 1977 Honors Graduate from the University of Massachusetts, with a major in Turf Management and Agronomy and has been a Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional and Horticulturist since 1984. He has been active in the leadership of the Green Industry, highlighted by his term as the President of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts in 1992-93.  Steve and his team at Sunshine Landscaping have recently been involved in restoring the Great Lawn at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden.


Steve has been a member of the Worcester Executive Association since 1990; was voted the WEA Executive of the Year in 1993 and was the President of the WEA in 1996.  He has also received many awards for his leadership and 25 years of service to the Trail Community, and was recognized as the “Appie of the Year” by the Worcester Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club for his volunteer leadership of the ongoing reconstruction work on the Pine Hill Trail at Wachusett Mountain State Reservation.  As well as being a long time High School Soccer and Basketball Referee.


Steve’s decades of field experience and certification training have made him a passionate educator, sharing his Horticulture knowledge about lawn care, landscaping, shrubs and pest control topics, based on his world class skills as a field technician and landscape manager.

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